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 12.12.2009 - CSLauncher v1.0
This little tool was considered as a supplementary to Starter v6.x, I've been using it since 2006. Not feature rich but performs the job nicely. Short info file is included.
Tip: CSLauncher is for those who always wanted to have different startup profiles and the delayed startup feature in Starter.
Download link:

 17.05.2009 - Starter v5.6.2.9
Some spare hours.... and voila :)
  • Enhanced Windows Vista compatibility.
  • Fixed too aggressive settings saving while swithing between main tabs (Startups, Processes, Services).
  • System memory graph was limited to 2 GB. Fixed.
  • Made large annoing tooltips for startup and service items to appear only at first column of the list.
  • Psapi.dll-related changes.
  • Updated supplied web links (Help\Useful links and context search menu items)
  • Updated NSIS-based installer to the latest version.
  • Other miscellaneous changes.
Translations update
  • New: Japanese
  • New: Serbian (Latin)
  • Updated: Greek (Hellenic)

 25.09.2006 - Starter v5.6.2.8
  • Actually this version was unofficially released in april.
  • Lots of changes since v5.6.2.0 (please see included History.txt) and updated language files.

 24.01.2006 - Starter v5.6.2.0
  • Services tab seems finished.
  • Option to store settings in a file instead of registry.
  • Modified caption button to somewhat support Windows XP Themes. But I still want to remove the button.
  • Option: Navigator\'Use flat style for buttons'. On by default.
  • Added Belarusian.lng by Starovoitov Sergey aka OldEvrei
  • A lot of changes, fixes, new bugs, etc.

 10.01.2006 - Starter v5.6.1.48
  • Option 'Group disabled startup items together while sorting list'. Turned off by default.
  • If 'Group disabled startup items together...' is on, disabled items will always be at the bottom of the list.
  • Services tab. Some changes are still ahead.

 02.01.2006 - Starter v5.6.1.47
  • A number of changes due to Microsoft Windows XP's MSConfig compatibility
  • New/Edit startup item dialog: select file from process
  • Changed template used in 'Save as HTML'
  • Lots of changes due to the quantity of beer drained and The New Year's fuss

 19.12.2005 - Starter v5.6.1.46
Please consider this version as a BETA.
  • Microsoft Windows XP's MSConfig compatibility (not widely tested yet)

 16.12.2005 - Starter v5.6.1.45
Translations only update.
  • New: Bulgarian
  • New: French (another version)
  • New: Greek (Hellenic)
  • Updated: Slovenian
  • New: Ukrainian

 03.07.2005 - Starter v5.6.1.45
Minor update.
  • Name of the 'System' process was blank on Windows 2000. Fixed
  • Made Start Menu folder for disabled items hidden

 26.06.2005 - Starter v5.6.1.44
  • Moved all major changes since build .42 to Starter v6.x branch
  • Removed all Data\*Disabled.bmp files
  • Added BelowNormal and AboveNormal to process' priority submenu
  • Fixed AV on closing program ('caption button' was the case. I will get rid of it someday)
  • Fixed LIOOB(1) on changing tabs style
  • Updated installer and install scripts
  • Made things to look good enough on large fonts configuration ('large fonts are evil!' somebody)
  • Completely changed the method of updating processes' list
  • Made more changes to statusbar, graphs for memory and every CPU (on SMP)
  • Added Options\Misc: use doublebuffered draw for list controls
  • Added main menu items to quick toggle: startup tree, info panel, procs' module list, procs autorefresh
  • Some minor changes
  • Added Czech translations by F and Trashman
  • Added Portuguese translation (+ Links and Searches) by Dick Spade
  • Updated Swedish translation by daRKph0rZe
  • Added Welsh translation by Gwyndaf

 10.04.2005 - Starter v5.6.1.41
Quickfix version. Again :)
  • Fixed non-default charset in options's page title
  • Restyled options dialog
  • Updated Italiano.lng, Links.ini
  • Added Links.Italiano.ini, Searches.Italiano.ini
  • Made Links.ini and Searches.ini to depend on currently selected language. Starter will first search for "Links.<LNG>.ini", then for "Links.ini".

 12.02.2005 - Starter v5.6.1.40
This is again a quickfix version.
  • Modified installer (StarterSetup.exe) to address GPF in user32.dll on Win9x systems
  • Temporarily removed sort arrows from some list headers to resolve ugly look on Windows XP
  • Startups: made disabled items group together (quick move from unreleased version 5.7.x)

 28.01.2005 - updates, updates...
Finally updated all site mirrors with the new theme.

 15.01.2005 - Starter v5.6.1.39
This is just a quickfix version. Nothing special except the new translations: Dutch, Hungarian and Slovenian.
But the next major version is in progress...

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