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Sender v3.6.0.1

Sender is a very very small Windows network messaging utility.

If you use "net send" for sending short messages across your network, this tool is for you. Sender is a replacement to "net send" for sending messages and also gives you the power to handle incoming messages. There is no need to stop the standard Windows Messenger service (see note below).

To send messages Sender uses nearly the same procedure as "net.exe" is using. Multiple recipient send is also supported (names must be separated with spaces).
To receive messages it just intercepts Messenger service's windows and process the information.


 System requirements
Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 (in short, any Windows NT machine will do).

Windows Messenger service transmits net send and Alerter service messages between clients and servers. This service is not related to Windows Messenger.
From Microsoft's service description.

 ToDo list. Major items. Not sorted in any order :)
. Documentation/Help
. Rewrite program from scratch
. Suggestions are welcome!

 Download \ (Installer, ~49K)

 Download \ (Application only, zipped, ~34K)

 Download \ Localized OS support
English, Russian, Norwegian

Please request older versions by e-mail, if you need it.


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